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Workspace Training has developed a wide range of print-based resources over the years for the Forest and Forest Products Industry. Below is a selection of learner guides that support competencies from the Forest and Forest Products Training Package (FPI05).

Some of these guides are based on material we developed for other projects, including on-line Toolboxes and interactive CDs. For more information about these resources and other industry-specific materials, please contact us.

To download the PDF documents shown below, click on the ‘learner guide’ link for each title you wish to access

(Note that Adobe Reader 9.0 or above is required to view these documents. You can download the Adobe Reader here.)

Learner Guides

  • Assessing materials
    Supporting: FPICOR3204B Visually assess materials
    PDF: Learner Guide (940KB)
  • Communicating and working with others
    Supporting: FPICOR2202B Communicate and interact effectively in the workplace
    PDF: Learner Guide (2.09MB)
  • Grading structural softwoods
    Supporting: FPICOT2216A Visually stress grade softwood
    PDF: Learner Guide (1.84MB)
  • Quality and product care
    Supporting: FPICOR3202B Conduct quality and product care procedures
    PDF: Learner Guide (943KB)
  • Safety and Environment
    Supporting: FPICOR3201B Implement safety, health and environment policies and procedures
    PDF: Learner Guide (2.79MB)
  • Selecting timber
    Supporting: FPICOT3247B Select timber for forestry operations
    PDF: Learner Guide (1.96MB)
  • Stock control procedures
    Supporting: FPICOT3236A: Coordinate stock control procedures
    PDF: Learner Guide (917KB)
  • Working effectively
    Supporting: FPICOR2201B: Work effectively in the forest and forest products industry
    PDF: Learner Guide (1.25MB)

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