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FWP30816-Certificate-IIIWorkspace Training offers the FWP30816 Certificate III in Wood Machining to participants who are already working for a company that is able to provide the facilities and on-the-job supervision needed to deliver the qualification in their own workplace.

All training is delivered in the workplace. The nominal duration of the apprenticeship is 4 years.

Eligible participants in NSW will be funded under the state government’s Smart and Skilled program. This means that they will only need to pay the $2,000 enrolment fee.

Participants in other states will be charged on a fee-for-service basis. The apprentice’s employer may be eligible for additional funding under the federal government’s Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme.


To successfully complete the qualification, participants must be assessed as competent in a total of 27 units. The selection of units must satisfy the ‘packaging rules’ set out below.

CORE UNITS (all 9 must be completed)

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  • BSBFLM312 Contribute to team effectiveness
  • FWPCOR2201 Work effectively in the forest and forest products industry
  • FWPCOR2202 Communicate and interact effectively in the workplace
  • FWPCOR3201 Implement safety, health and environment policies and procedures
  • FWPCOR3202 Conduct quality and product care procedures
  • FWPCOT3201 Hand sharpen knives and blades
  • FWPCOT3204 Prepare and interpret sketches and drawings
  • FWPCOT3247 Select timber for forestry operations
  • FWPSAW3228 Apply principles of blade design to sawing procedures

GROUP A ELECTIVE UNITS – 13 units must be selected

  • FWPCOT2207 Dress boards and timber
  • FWPCOT2208 Resaw boards and timber
  • FWPCOT3205 Dress boards using multi-headed machines
  • FWPCOT3206 Cut material using high speed optimiser
  • FWPCOT3207 Set up, operate and maintain finger jointing operations
  • FWPCOT3209 Set up, operate and maintain end matching operations
  • FWPCOT3214 Take off material quantities
  • FWPCOT3239 Create drawings using computer aided design systems
  • FWPCOT3244 Cut material to profile
  • FWPTMM2202 Machine material
  • FWPTMM3202 Manufacture using joinery machines
  • FWPCOT3210 Sharpen cutting tools
  • FWPCOT3212 Replace saws, blades and guides
  • FWPCOT3213 Manufacture cutting tools
  • FWPCOT3216 Assess and maintain saw performance
  • FWPCOT3217 Assess and maintain cutter performance
  • FWPCOT3233 Sharpen and align blades and knives
  • FWPCOT3237 Produce templates
  • FWPSAW3208 Sharpen circular saws
  • FWPSAW3210 File and set saws
  • FWPSAW3213 Level and tension circular saws
  • FWPSAW3218 Replace tungsten tips

GROUP B ELECTIVE UNITS – 5 units must be selected, which can include up to 2 units from any other Training Package relevant to this type of work

  • FWPCOT2205 Tail out materials
  • FWPCOT2219 Use hand-held tools
  • FWPCOT2232 Cut material to shape using a saw
  • FWPCOT3234 Cut material using CNC sizing machines
  • FWPCOT3235 Machine material using CNC machining and processing centres
  • FWPSAW3226 Saw logs using CNC optimising systems
  • FWPTMM3201 Convert timber
  • FWPWPP2210 Cut panels to profile
  • FWPCOT2224 Band edges of panels
  • FWPTMM4203 Install and commission CNC software
  • FWPCOT3263 Maintain and contribute to energy efficiency
  • FWPCOT2212 Grade hardwood sawn and milled products
  • FWPCOT2213 Grade softwood sawn and milled products
  • FWPCOT2214 Grade cypress sawn and milled products
  • FWPCOT2215 Visually stress grade hardwood
  • FWPCOT2216 Visually stress grade softwood
  • FWPCOT2217 Visually stress grade cypress
  • BSBWOR204 Use business technology
  • FWPTMM3203 Estimate and cost job

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