Basic and Intermediate Tree Falling
(Level 2 chainsaw operation)

Duration and objectives

This Level 2 course is delivered over three days. However, participants should already be competent in trimming and crosscutting felled trees and basic chainsaw maintenance. Where all of the units are delivered together in a single block of training, the duration will depend on the participant's level of skill and experience.

At the end of the course, participants will be accredited in the competencies they achieve. Those participants who are able to demonstrate aptitude and tree falling skills beyond the 'basic' level will be offered an assessment of competency at the 'intermediate' level.

Topic Covered in Level 2 chainsaw operation

Safety procedures and environmental care

Chainsaw maintenance (see Trim and cut felled trees)

Trimming and crosscutting (see Trim and cut felled trees)


Basic Tree Falling

Assessing a tree and planning the falling procedure

Preparing an escape route

Cutting the scarf

Cutting the back-cut

Using wedges

Intermediate Tree Falling

All of the Basic Tree Falling, plus:

Correct use of multiple wedges

Correct use of multiple back cuts

Competency accreditations

FWPCOT2237: Maintain chainsaws

FWPCOT2239: Trim and cut felled trees

FWPCOT2236: Fall trees manually (basic)

FWPFGM3212: Fall trees manually (intermediate)

Also available are:

FWPHAR3220: Harvest trees manually (intermediate)