Timber Toolbox Website Series

The ‘Timber’ Toolbox series comprises three websites – Timber Toolbox, Timber Plus Toolbox and Sustainable Timber Toolbox. Each website comprises a set of resources for training and assessing timber workers in competencies from the Forest and Forest Products Industry Training Package (FPI05). In addition to a comprehensive coverage of the subject matter, they also contain a range of interactive learning activities and tasks which can be used as assessment exercises.

The competencies covered in the first two Toolboxes are relevant to timber industry qualifications at Certificate II and III level. The third Toolbox deals with two Certificate IV level competencies that have been approved as ‘Green skills’ units.

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Competencies covered:

FPICOR2201A: Work effectively in the forest and forest products industry

FPICOR3201A: Implement safety health and environmental policies and procedures

FPICOR3202A: Conduct quality and product care procedures

FPICOR3204A: Visually assess materials

FPICOT3236A: Coordinate stock control procedures

FPICOT3204A: Prepare and interpret sketches and drawings

Timber Plus ToolboxGo to on-line version

Competencies covered:

FPICOR2203A Follow environmental care procedures

FPICOR2204A Follow fire prevention procedures

FPICOR2205A Follow OHS policies and procedures

FPICOR2207A Maintain quality and product care

FPICOT2216A Visually stress grade softwood

FPICOT2219A Use hand held tools

FPICOT3241A Assemble timber wall frames

FPICOT3242A Lay up timber roof trusses

FPICOT3247A Select timber for forestry operations

Sustainable Timber Toolbox Go to on-line version

Competencies covered:

FPICOR4201A Monitor safety, health and environmental policies and procedures

FPICOR4202A Monitor and review forestry operations

These e-learning resources have been developed with funding provided by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, administered by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. Copyright is owned by the Australian Government.