Delivery of Training

Workspace Training takes a pragmatic approach to the training and assessment of industry workers. We recognise the fact that not all companies want or need conventional ‘accredited’ training programs, and are sometimes better off with in-house training modules that meet their unique site-specific requirements. However, we also understand the value of working within the national VET system, particularly when workers require formal qualifications and statements of attainment for verification purposes.

We are happy to work at both ends of this spectrum, and also at any point in between, depending on the needs of the company and its workers. The over-riding objective in all of our training programs is to improve the skills and knowledge of workers, not to simply tick compliance boxes or generate records.

As such, we have found that an increasing number of companies are asking us to combine ‘non-accredited’ fully-customised in-house training programs (covering job-specific work tasks and machines) with ‘nationally accredited’ competency-based training (where qualifications or statements of attainment are issued).

Training is provided either on a fee-for-service basis, or in the case of some qualifications, via a government subsidised program. Note that to be eligible for government funding, participants must meet certain requirements.

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To see the full list of qualifications and stand-alone competencies we deliver, go to the Commonwealth Government ‘’ website and view the Workspace Training scope of registration at: 91247 – McElvenny Ware Pty Ltd