Chainsaw Operation – hard copy booklets

The Chainsaw Operation booklets (2nd Edition – 2021) are designed to be used with chainsaw course participants as learner guides and reference documents. They are printed and bound in an A5 format and based on the content material in the 2nd Edition (2021) interactive e-learning resource.

Both booklets are in full colour and feature extensive use of photos and line drawings. The text is written in plain English, and is easily accessible to learners with lower than average literacy skills.

The content material has been updated to reflect the changes made to the FWP and AHC chainsaw competencies since the 1st Edition was released in 2016, and the following topics have been added:

  • pole saw operation and aerial pruning techniques
  • visual assessment of tree defects and growth characteristics
  • environmental care procedures, including protection of native animals and sensitive areas.

Chainsaw Operation – Maintenance, Crosscutting and Pruning (80 pages) provides background information aligned to the following units of competency:

AHCMOM213: Operate and maintain chainsaws
FWPCOT2259: Cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw
FWPCOT2254: Maintain chainsaws
FWPCOT2256: Trim and cut felled trees
FWPCOT3301: Trim trees using a pole saw

To see an excerpt from this booklet, go to: Chainsaw Operation – Maintenance and Crosscutting.

Chainsaw operation – Beginner to Advanced (113 pages) provides all of the information contained in ‘Maintenance, Crosscutting and Pruning’, plus additional background information aligned to the following units of competency:

AHCPCM205: Fell small trees
FWPCOT2253: Fell trees manually (basic)
FWPFGM3216: Fell trees manually (intermediate)
FWPFGM3217: Fell trees manually (advanced)

To see an excerpt from this booklet, go to: Chainsaw Operation – Beginner to Advanced.


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You can also order the 2nd Edition of the e-learning resource, which is a visual presentation of the content material contained in the booklets, with voice-over, animated graphicsand interactive exercises, as well as downloadable assessment tools for all competencies listed above.