Chainsaw Operation interactive e-learning resource

The interactive e-learning resource: Chainsaw Operation – Beginner to Advanced (3rd Edition - 2023) is designed for workers who are studying the theory component of a chainsaw training course. It is particularly suited to learners with poor literacy skills.

The content material is taken from the Chainsaw Operation booklets, presented with a voice-over narration, animated graphics and interactive exercises.

It has been updated in 2023 to reflect the changes made to the FWP chainsaw competencies since the last edition was released, and includes the following topics:

  • chainsaw operation at all levels, from basic maintenance through to advanced tree felling
  • pole saw operation and aerial pruning techniques
  • visual assessment of tree defects and growth characteristics
  • environmental care procedures, including protection of native animals and sensitive areas.

Resource package

The e-learning resource package is priced at $330 (including GST and postage within Australia).

The electronic files are provided on a USB stick and include the following items:

  • E-learning presentation – based on a PowerPoint platform with embedded video clips, animated graphics and a synched voice-over narration (fully customisable, if you have advanced Powerpoint skills)
  • Trainer and assessor guide – containing suggested training and assessment strategies and other information relating to the delivery of the course
  • Sample assessment tools – provided in a Word format to allow the content material to be customised or re-worked to suit your own administrative system (including insertion of your RTO’s logo)
  • Mapping documents – provided in a Word format, showing the mapping between the assessment tools and the competencies they cover.

Competencies covered

The resource is aligned to the following units of competency:

AHCMOM213: Operate and maintain chainsaws
AHCPCM205: Fell small trees
FWPCOT2259: Cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw
FWPCOT2254: Maintain chainsaws
FWPCOT2273: Trim and cut felled trees
FWPCOT3301: Trim trees using a pole saw
FWPCOT2274 and FWPCOT2253 *: Fell trees manually (basic)
FWPCOT3347 and FWPFGM3216 *: Fell trees manually (intermediate)
FWPCOT3348 and FWPFGM3217 *: Fell trees manually (advanced)

* Superseded in January 2023, but still recommended for forest industry training until further notice - see the FWP Training Package Companion Volume Implementation Guide (Version 8.1 February 2023) pages 50-51 (or contact ForestWorks for more advice)


Follow the links below to preview excerpts from the resource. Note that the on-line sample presentations do not contain the interactive exercises or downloadable assessment tools contained in the USB version of the resource. Please also note that some of the YouTube clips are taken from the 2016 version (1st edition) of the interactive presentation and have since been updated in later versions.

Presentation clips on YouTube channel

Trainer and Assessor Guide


To order the interactive resource package, download the Order form. You may post or email the order form back to Workspace Training.

For more information, please contact Kath Ware at 02 4573 6969 or: